Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here's to you Babe!

Last Sunday we had a relaxing day celebrating Eric's 28th birthday. I just wanted to take a second and thank Eric for who he is and all he does. It is truly amazing for me to be blessed with a husband who I really do love and value more each day. It might sound a bit "cliche", but I really mean it. I guess as I mature (slowly...) and realize what really matters in life, I am so thankful for him. In a world where marriage is no longer considered sacred and humilty is a sign of weakness, I thank the Lord for the blessing of Eric, who indeed is an example of these things. Eric,thank you for loving me so much, for being so patient with me and my weaknesses, and for working so hard for your family. This time of year can be tough bc he is coaching basketball and then that flows on into golf. Don't get me wrong, the boy loves both of these sports and the impact he can have on the players, but the days get l---o---n---g. Even after game nights when you don't get home until almost ten, your still up the next morning, eating your cheerios and banana reading the Bible. I won't drag on and on with my long list of reasons I admire Eric, but on his birthday (or a few days later... promptness is one of those weaknesses I mentioned!), I just wanted to let you know babe, and the rest of you who may read this, that I love you, am so proud of you, and am excited to begin a new journey (aka becoming parents!) with you! Love you! (I love this pic of us leaving our wedding because to me it is as though we are leaving one stage of life and begining a life togeter (and I love the oh so excited look on your face, ya kinda have to look real close!. Now, we are about to begin another stage which I am just as excited about!)


Matt and Kristen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Eric!! Hope he had a wonderful birthday!!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Eric! It is truly a blessing to have a good husband! Love you guys.