Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's been a while........

First off, let me apologize to those of you who read our blog (I believe the numbers are somewhere between 10 & 16,000 of you) for not updating the blog more often lately. I know people say this all the time and it is not an excuse...but it has been a busy month or so. I'll try and summarize all of the great things that have been going on in this entry, but I won't be able to give all of them the time they deserve.
The first exciting event of December was Emily graduating from UAB with her Masters in Elementary Education. She worked really hard over the last couple years and will be an amazing teacher once she takes her first job. Fortunately her parents were able to come up from Florida for her graduation and for the weekend. We enjoyed having them up here to celebrate Emily's hard work.

Following her graduation we hurried home and changed clothes to head down to Tuscaloosa for an event that I have waited for since I moved down south. Purdue's Top Five Basketball team was playing Alabama on the road! You see as one of the few basketball guys in a football state and certainly one of the few Big Ten fans in about a 500 mile radius, I have heard my fair share about how weak the Big 10 is in football. I've waited for our basketball team to come down here and show them what basketball is really about. We also had alot of Drew's family down here visiting for the weekend, so we took a crew of Purdue fans to the game. After a shaky first half, the Boilers took over and came back to beat Bama......ensuring that I could go to school on the following Monday with my Purdue shirt on and a smile on my face.

We have been to the doctor about a couple times since the last entry and I am excited to say that Ellie is coming along exactly on the right path. The doctors have told us her heart sounds great and that Emily is just the right size she is supposed to be. As we get closer and closer to the due date (3 weeks from this Thursday!!!) it is amazing to think that the gift of our first child is so close to being here.
Speaking of Ellie, Emily was busy throughout December attending baby showers. We feel very blessed at the number of friends and family who have been so kind in throwing showers for Ellie in Indiana, Florida, and here in Alabama. I've come to appreciate the kind of friends and family that we truly have. All of you are a special part of our lives.
During Christmas break, our basketball team played in two tournaments that were both 3 days long. This meant lots of time in the gym. I've got a great group of kids on my team this year and they worked really hard in both tournaments. We had two runner up finishes in tournaments full of good teams. I'm proud of how hard they played.
Christmas morning was spent with Emily, Kelly, and Drew. We went to midnight service on Christmas Eve, then came home and waited for Christmas morning. We had a great time together and as always, did our share of laughing.......

The day after Christmas my Mom and Dad drove down from Indiana. They were able to stay until the morning of the 31st and we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with them and then Mom and Dad were able to come to all of our basketball games. It was fun having them here during the holidays.
The last week or so has been spent working on finishing up the nursery. We'll take pictures of that in the next couple days and will post those for everyone to see.

Harvey wants everyone to know that he is doing well and he would appreciate it if the picture of him above didn't get out to the other dogs in the neighborhood as he fears his reputation could be in danger. He really wants to hold on to that "tough dog" image.

I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas and that things are going well.


Matt and Kristen said...

Yay for a post!! You guys have been so busy!! But we are glad you were able to fit some "matt and kristen" time in !! Love you guys!!

Keri said...

Can't believe it is almost time for Ellie to be here! I know you guys are so excited!
Oh and I love the Hannah Montana pillow (is that what it is)! I am very jealous of the owner of this precious prize!!