Monday, January 18, 2010

Ellie Kate's room is finally ready for her!

Well, I guess it would be an understatement to say that I put things off to the last minute. I think I just do better under a little pressure, or at least that's what I tell my always prepared, plan ahead husband :) So, being about 37 weeks pregnant, I thought that we should probably finish up Ellie Kate's nursery! Luckily, I had my sweet mom here to help. She flew in from FL even though it was our big "snow day". I also had my very creative sister here to help! Here are some pictures of the room. Enjoy!

This is the view looking into her room. Her room is an office/nook so it is small but it worked out perfectly!

These are some shelves that her daddy put up- what a handyman!!! They provide some much needed storage since there is not a closet in the room.

Kelly made this adorable name sign for Ellie and also painted the chest of drawers in the corner. Told you she was talented!!! And my mom made the bedding for the crib.

Overall, I was amazed at how well the room turned out! So now, let the waiting game begin! We have everything ready, now we are just waiting for our sweet little girl to decide to come! Eric and I greatly appreciate all of the prayers, support, and encouragement that all of you have been to us during this time! We can't wait to meet our sweet little girl!!!!


Andrew and Jessica said...

The Nursery is AWESOME!!! It is a beautiful room for a sweet little girl! Congrats on the coming addition.

Matt and Kristen said...

Love love love the nursery!! It looks fabulous!! Can't wait for Ellie to arrive !!

Juley said...

A beautiful room for a precious little girl. As I texted you, it looks like it is right out of a magazine. You, Kelly and Laura did a fantastic job!
We can't wait to meet Ellie - we are so excited!

Grandma and Grandpa

Juley said...

Sorry Eric - the shelves are awesome too!


KatieJones said...

Pretty! I have an Ellie Kate too!