Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall 2009

I apologize for the boring title of this entry, but I sat and stared at the screen for 2 minutes and this is the best I could come up with. The last month or so has gone by pretty quickly. Emily has been feeling good and Ellie is growing each and everyday. We were at the doctor again this week and everything checked out great! Right now I think Ellie is somewhere around 16 inches long and about 2 or 3 lbs. We have done alot of work on her nursery and it is fun to see it coming together and thinking that in less than 3 months, she will be here!
It's amazing how quickly the last few months have gone by. Basketball season is underway, so I am keeping busy at school, then with practice and games. Emily, Kelly, and Drew have begun another season as Hoover Bucs Basketball's top fans. Emily is entering her last couple weeks of student teaching, then graduation!!! I'm really proud of how hard she has worked for her Masters (she has a 4.0, even though she wouldn't want me to write that.) As many of you can guess, that is a little better than the author of this blog did during his undergrad days at Purdue. Speaking of the Boilers, how about the #6 ranked Boiler basketball team!
Over the last month we've had some great times. We celebrated Drew's birthday the end of October (check out the intensity as he blows out the candles on his cake), went to Ruth and Andrew'sw wedding, enjoyed a visit from Michael who came down from Chicago last weekend to hang out, go to the Hoover game friday (where we got pictures with the Heisman trophy), and then we went to the Alabama vs LSU game Saturday which was a great time. So it has been a busy couple of weeks, but they have been alot of fun.
In other news, Harvey (our dog) is still doing his normal thing. In fact, let me walk you through a typical day in the life of Harvey.

6:00am- Wake up, bark once, look around groggily, crawl back under the covers and back to sleep
7:15am- Get in kennel to monitor all passersby on Colony Lane for the day
3:30pm- Celebrate as Emily comes home from school
3:31pm- Sprint from front to back to front to back of house (crashing into door at approximately 84mph because you have not figured out we have hardwood floors)
3:32pm- run around back yard peeking through fence, in case any cats can be seen
6:00pm- Bark in an extremely loud voice at Eric, who you are convinced is breaking in the house...again
7:00pm- Beg for food at the table, making everyone feel that you are underfed, resulting in either Kelly or Emily slipping you something OR just take some corn on the cob for yourself (see in picture)
10:00pm- Get in bed and push Eric around to remind him that this is not his bed, rather, it is yours and he is lucky to even be allowed to be in it.

I've attached some pictures from lately, but have no idea where they will show up in this entry. So I hope you either enjoyed the pictures you have already seen or enjoy the ones that you are about to see. Go Gators and Boiler Up!!!