Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Shower & Go Boilers!

Well, this past weekend we headed up to West Lafayette to visit my family, go to the Purdue vs. Ohio State game, and for a baby shower that my mom was having for Emily and Ellie. We arrived late on Thursday night to a temperature of about 38 degrees. When we pulled out of B-ham that afternoon I believe it was about 68 this was somewhat of a change.
Kevin and I had been planning to play some golf and we were not about to let the rain and 35 degree temperatures keep us from those plans. So we toughed out the British Open-esque conditions and had the entire course to ourselves, it was great. Emily spent the day with Mom doing a little shopping and then the whole Ness/Troyer crew got together to celebrate Grandma Troyer's 90th Birthday.
Saturday morning meant tailgating and heading to the Purdue game. Now, those non-Purdue fans out there need to understand that we were huge underdogs to Ohio State going into the game. After great times seeing all my friends before the game, our family headed into the stadium. Long story short, Purdue pulled off its first big football win since FDR's presidency....(actually 2003, but it felt longer) It was pandemonium as fans rushed the field....including my family and of course, my pregnant wife (to say she rushed the field would not be was more like a controlled walk).
Following the game we enjoyed visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Ness, then headed back for an October birthday celebration (Kev, Emily, Drew, Uncle Lefty) at the Troyer House. We capped off the night back at my good friend Matt Scott's house telling stories from the good ole days in WL. (a true tradition of getting together with my buddies)
On Sunday was the baby shower. Everything was beautiful and it was great to have so many friends and family there to celebrate Ellie! Emily really enjoyed getting to spend time with everyone and she appreciated how nice a job that Mom and Aunt Diane did with everything. We are also SO THANKFUL for all of the nice gifts that people gave us for Ellie. She will love them all I am sure. I made a guest appearance at the provide some labor for carrying all the gifts to the car and to say thank you to everyone. The transition from eating lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with Dad, Kev, and my friends to walking into a baby shower was interesting to say the least.
It really was an amazing trip and we enjoyed the time we were able to spend with our family and friends. It's always great to get back to WL and we can't wait for our next trip home when it will be all three of us heading up north!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ellie Kate Ness

Yep....we have a name. We spent lots of time thinking about what we were going to name our baby once we found out that we were pregnant. From the very start, both of us loved the name Ellie and once we found out we were having a baby girl we decided on the name really quickly. The middle name took a little longer, but once again we were both big fans of the name Kate.