Thursday, July 30, 2009

We're Having a Baby!!!!

That's right.....we could not be more excited. Our due date is February 4th, 2010 and we are so thankful for this blessing from the Lord. Emily has been feeling much better the last couple of weeks, which we are thankful for. She is at 13 weeks...I believe that means she is just finished with the first trimester. I came to that conclusion by taking the 40 weeks of a pregnancy and dividing by 3 to get 13 weeks a trimester. Seriously, no joke, I figured it out without the help of a doctor, a book, or google.

Harvey, our jack russell, is handling the news pretty well. He has decided that to celebrate the news, he will continue his daily routine. This includes, but is not limited to.....sleeping in the bed because he believes he is human, running through the house somewhere between 83 and 86mph from the front door to the backdoor, staring out the window, barking at passersby, and trying to convince us that he really does need to be fed 7 times a day.

Random first entry from Eric

Well, here I am creating my first blog entry....what an honor. As I write this I am fully aware that no one, literally not one person will be reading this until either Emily or I tell them that it is on here. That is funny to me. I mean, I know once this whole thing gets going it will be a great way to keep our friends, family, and random people who check out other people's blogs up to date with what is going one. But come on....right now at 11:17pm on Thursday night, I am writing myself.